VoIP Phone System Advantages

VoIP – Save Money and Much More

In Communications the buzz is VoIP. VoIP is the wave in telecommunications. What are some advantages are questions we are asked daily? Since there are so many advantages to VoIP the questions is very easy to address.

The single most important advantage is the cost savings. VoIP provides a substantial cost savings over telephone services from the digital and analog phones. This is particularly true when looking at long distance rates. Most VoIP service providers offer plans with unlimited long distance calling at a low monthly flat rate. Very few traditional carriers offer affordable unlimited service and if they do the monthly rate is prohibitive for the average consumer. Most if not all consumers end up paying some form of per-minute rate for their long distance.

Most VoIP service providers offer some form of unlimited usage plan, and they range in price from approximately $15 – $30 per month. Unlimited long distance for less than $30 per month is usually restricted to the US and Canada, but some providers offer international unlimited plans as well.

VoIP also provides a significant cost advantage that consists of lower basic rates as the VoIP providers do not have the overhead costs of maintaining large networks, so they are able to pass this savings along to the consumer. Other reasons are VoIP providers are not subject to the regulatory and tax restrictions that are placed on traditional telephone carriers. Which in turn lowers their cost of doing business and they can pass this savings along as well.

Another area where VoIP service provides significant advantages is that it is feature rich. Because VoIP is a digital technology, the feature set is extensive when compared to traditional telephone service. Quite a few of the available VoIP features do not even exist in the traditional market, while others are greatly enhanced. Besides the advantage of having these features available, some of them can be used to achieve additional cost savings as well. From a virtual phone number, conference calling and web based voice mail. VoIP will continue to enhance and bring new unique features to VoIP users