Telephone Systems for Business

Business IP phone systems are scalable to multiple locations with up to 250 users per location and work with traditional phone lines, VoIP lines, T1 or T1/PRI. Our phone solution will increase your productivity while decreasing your operational cost.

Ask us about the many features of the Allworx Phone System:

  • Call Assistant
  • ACD
  • Mobile Link
  • Conference Center
  • Advance Multi-Site
  • VPN
  • Dual Language Support

No other phone system comes close to the simplicity and intuitive interface making it easer to configure and administer.

Ask for a onsite demo and you’ll be convinced!

Advantages of the Allworx IP Phone System

  • Fully integrated T1/PRI, traditional CO and VoIP
  • A  hybrid PBX system which supports both analog and Voice over IP telephone services.
  • An IP phone on your network at home or any other location functions just like an extension in the office.
  • Any phone, anywhere , can be added as an extension  of the system.
  • Works with our VoIP phones, standard analog telephones and selected IP phones. Save money using your existing phones.
  • Powered over Ethernet
  • 1 to 250 users per location.
  • 9 levels of auto attendant.
  • Receive e-mail notification of new voicemail, with or without the message attached as an audio file.
  • Calls cascade to ring a sequence of other extensions or ring groups to locate you before sending the caller to voicemail.
  • Send calls to all local extensions in a department. Ring more than one extension simultaneously and user different ring patterns to identify types of calls.
  • Automatically send certain kinds of outgoing calls through specific phone lines.
  • Prevent unauthorized long-distance calling from any local extension.
  • Migration with no disruption to your business.