Tape Backup

From duplication to tape encryption to tiered storage, there’s a lot of innovation happening in backup, recovery, and archive. And with our knowledge, expertise, and trusted solutions, we can help you make the most of this innovative technology to improve productivity and increase return on investment.
Your data is critical to the business operations, and the cost of losing that data could cost your company thousands of dollars. Some companies have even been put out of business completely after losing their vital data during a disaster.

One of the most popular data backup solutions is tape backup systems. A tape backup system is a system that typically involves at least one tape backup drive that backs up the data onto a magnetic tape. The tapes are rotated on a regular basis and the backup tapes are stored in a secure location. The tapes are then used to restore the data if disaster strikes and the data is lost.

There are many different types of disasters that can occur that can create a need for a backup of your data. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods can damage computers to the point where data is lost. Other disasters such as fire can also destroy computers holding important data. Possibly the most common need to restore data occurs with a hard drive failure. By backing up the data from your servers‘ hard drives onto tape, you will be able to restore the necessary data in case of hardware failure.

The cost of not backing up your company’s data far outweighs the cost of implementing a tape backup system.