Allworx IP Phones

IP Phones

Allworx phones work seamlessly with the Allworx systems to provide a fully integrated communications solution. No matter what Allworx system you select, you get all the same great phone features and functionality. All Allworx phones are compatible with all Allworx servers.

IP Phone 9224
Allworx 9224 IP Phone

The Allworx 9224 is a sophisticated and flexible top-of-the-line phone – perfect for executives, office managers, and active employees who make and receive a high volume of calls.


Allworx 92/24 Tx Expander
IP Phone Tx

The Allworx Tx 92/24 Expander is the ideal solution for anyone who needs an array of one-touch features or the ability to monitor or route a high volume of calls directly from their phone. Up to three Tx Expander units can be anchored to any Allworx 9224 phone for an additional 24, 48, or 72 PFKs – offering you access to a total of 96 PFKs with just one phone.


IP Phone 9212L
Allworx 9212L IP Phone

The Allworx 9212L is the newest extension to the already robust Allworx series of phones. The vibrant, high resolution full backlit display is at the heart of the Allworx 9212L.


Allworx 9204 IP Phone
IP Phone 9204G

The sleek, stylish design of the 9204 is ideal for any office setting. If you have minimal need for call line appearances, the Allworx 9204 is just right for you. Two additional outstanding features of this phone are the back lighted LCD display and the 4 programmable feature keys.


Allworx 9204G IP Phone

The Allworx 9204G is the latest and most complete phone withGigabit Ethernet connectivity. This IP Phone also includes all the celebrated features of the 9204 with its Gigabit connectivity.


IP Phone 9202E
Allworx 9202E IP Phone

The Allworx 9202E has a sleek, compact design and is extremely easy to use. With its contemporary minimalist design approach, it is the perfect solution for customers with a need for high level functionality in a low traffic environment when desk space is at a premium.

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